Will You Be Teaching a 10-Hour School Day Soon?

by Guy E. White on 30 October, 2014

Would you teach a 10-hour school day? I would!

What is the purpose of schools? What should be the purpose of schools? In my opinion, schools should help students become the best human beings they should possibly be. This means changing our preconceived notions of “academic” and “extra-curricular.”

A few months back, I was at a summer professional development training talking with a few fellow educators. We were talking about impacted schedules, getting more done with less time, and many of the challenges by teachers everywhere.

One teacher made a comment that echoes the feelings of many: “Well, if students did not waste their time in (insert band/choir/art/etc. here), they would have time to study, etc.”


I think art, music, exercise, dance, and free play time are important at any age. Here’s a video about a school take the leap (and the time) to improve students’ overall lives.

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Frankly, I’m “stoked” about this video. Every student should have the opportunity to relate, play, and thrive within the school day.

What do you think about this video? Would you be willing to work at a school that had a 10 hour workday? How would your life as a teacher change? How about the lives of your students?

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