Why is Finland Winning in Teaching and Education?

by Guy E. White on 6 November, 2014

How does Finland have the best school system ever?

Lunch is when I get to turn on the Netflix and recharge for the rest of the day. This week I watched Morgan Spurlock’s “Inside Man on Education.” Any teacher interested in becoming the best teacher they can be should watch!

Morgan Spurlock is unique, in my mind, in the documentary world for diving deep into the space he is researching. I loved “Supersize Me,” so I was quite excited to see that he had done something about education and teaching.


Here is a preview of what you can see at full length on Netflix:

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The video presents interesting ideas about placing trust in kids and what that produces inside and outside the classroom. When I think of the way in which teachers’ engage with students at many of the schools I have visited in the U.S., this video presents a very different way of going about relating to kids.

What are your thoughts on the Finnish school system? What do you think about this idea about basing education on “trust” in children and their families?

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